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d.o. rueda


After years of study of the family vineyard located in La Seca, we are aware of the typicality of the area, differentiated from other areas of the RUEDA DO by its stony soil, altitude and proximity to the Duero River, which gives our wines a plus of minerality and complexity.


At Tres Pilares we are completely convinced of the potential of our native grape variety; it is all about protecting the character of the grape during vinification and enhancing its own personality and, of course, a great knowledge of our vineyards and using different ways of vinification to enhance its character. Here, in TRES PILARES, you will find a wide selection of wines that show how the same grape can evolve into so many different wines.


Verdejo is not only a fresh, fruity and easy to drink wine, we want to show that Verdejo is a noble variety that can develop excellently in the bottle if it is made in the right way.


do toro

bull ink: MAIRES

It describes the essence of a family project that reflects the influence of the passage of time in viticulture. Influence that has transcended several generations maintaining values and tradition, which together with the innovation of the present day results in these wines capable of transmitting those principles.

the vineyards

For the Maires family, the vineyard has always played a fundamental role in the production of quality wines. The 16 hectares of Maires vineyards are located in different areas of the Toro DO, and are sometimes over 100 years old. The perfect orientation of the vineyards, the composition of the soils and the drainage create a perfect harmony for the cultivation of the vines. This combination of factors creates a favorable microclimate that makes possible the production of high quality wines, our wines.

our wines

Ademán is a conceptual synthesis in which through gestures we represent the wine and the type of vineyard, always with hands of different ages that reflect states according to their age or a stage in the life of each person.



d.o. ribera de duERO

The Ribera del Duero is very wide, but Arrocal is focused on enhancing the value of its small municipality in the Ribera GUMIEL DE MERCADO where, in addition to the quality indicators required by the Ribera del Duero, Arrocal adds its own.

own vineyards

The grapes that are produced are estate-owned, in order to control the entire viticulture process.

organic certification

By the year 2023, 100% of the wines will be certified organic (currently in the process of certification).

gumiel de mercado

Gumiel de Mercado is located on the right bank of the Duero River, (North zone) at (830-930) meters above sea level, in the Burgalesa area, influenced by being between the Gromejón River (tributary) and the Duero River, it is a privileged environment due to its high altitude and influence between rivers.

rodrigo y asier

The wines are made in Arrocal in an exclusive way, giving a unique style to the wines that can only be found here.



It is the most personal project of Rodrigo and Asier Calvo, after taking over the direction of the viticulture of the family vineyard, they conducted a thorough study of the area to classify the vineyard by clones, zones, soils and orientation, with which begins the concern to try to express the typicality of each place and all this gives rise to that word that we like so much at home “ZONIFICATION” of the vineyard of Gumiel de Mercado.


Of the 32 estates that make up the family vineyard, three are chosen for their age, soil typicity and winemaking behavior, each with a character and personality that makes them different from the rest, leaving aside the style of the area and, of course, winemaking fashions.


In the 2019 vintage, CASA LEBAI was born; initially it was contemplated that it would be part of the Family winery, but as it progressed it was decided that it should be an independent project because of its uniqueness, this does not make them better than the rest of the family’s wines, but they are undoubtedly unique.



There are several keys that differentiate the wines of BODEGAS D MATEOS


Mateo, owner and alma mater of Bodega Mateos, was born in Aldeanueva de Ebro into a family dedicated to agriculture (vineyards, fruit and vegetables) with a deep-rooted winemaking tradition, as can be seen in the traditional winery where, since time immemorial, his ancestors were already making wine for private consumption from their own vineyards.


With excellence as a principle, we take care of all our hectares of vineyards, divided into four estates of well-defined character with which we achieve a unique level of exigency and originality for our wines.

At EL SALOBRAL one breathes adventure, risk, knowledge. This vineyard has the essence of progress: nonconformity places it at an altitude of 385 m. in search of light and enjoying a seat in first, in goblet and trellis. 15 hectares overlooking the futureumiel de Mercado is located on the right bank of the Duero River, (North zone) at (830-930) meters above sea level, in the Burgalesa area, influenced by being between the Gromejón River (tributary) and the Duero River, it is a privileged environment for its high altitude and influence between the rivers.

In EL BOSQUIL they put on their best clothes, this is where the secrets of the terroirs of Bodegas d. Mateos are hidden, well kept among the roots of the oldest vines. 70 years of history that little by little, dosed between its fruits of garnacha.EL COSCOJAR busca la zona más sombría y se resguarda la variedad más sensible, el graciano. Su personalidad pone el punto diferencial a todos nuestros vinos.

In LOS QUEMAOS spend the day the most curious vines, those that changed color to become white tempranillo between intense aromas and tropical ranges.


do cigales


Concejo Bodegas, a family winery with deep roots in the area, dedicated to producing quality red and rosé wines, based on its own vineyards with a unique soil characterized by being the most limestone in the Douro Valley.


All our vineyards are organic, with productions that in no year exceed 5,000 kg per hectare, cultivated with respect for the environment and basically have two origins.


The current farm has 26 hectares, the soil is unique with 35% limestone and extremely poor.
The oldest vineyards are located in Valoria and San Martin, in vineyards such as Las Aguedas or Las Costanas, basically Cascajo soils on hillsides and are the basis of our red wine RESERVA CONCEJO.