single export department

We are the shared export department of family wineries with a very specific profile: Family wineries, which produce wines from native varieties, claiming the potential of their terroir, its climate, its environment and their life project through wine and their vineyards…


Each winery has its own identity, they work independently, but with the same philosophy of life: offer wines with character, expression of terroir and a “non-interventionist” production to allow the variety to offer its maximum expression.

Our goal is to streamline our clients’ export process and offer the world the extraordinary diversity of Spanish wine regions.

for importers

For the quality, diversity and originality of our range. Our wines represent an opportunity to add something original to your range; wines that are authentic, full of character, a pure expression of their terroir.



The concept of LHWines Family Estates is based on the quality and personality of our wines. This quality is achieved through the control and care of each process from the vine to the glass. Thus, a rich variety of wines is achieved that manage to satisfy the demand of the most selective and demanding customers.


LHWines Family Estates offers wines that represent a true expression of its terroir, valuing native varieties and the life project of each of the wineries.


Involvement is one of our maxims, we feel part of each family we represent.


At LHWines Family Estates, we know that our clients have demanding businesses to manage, and that is precisely why we understand our service as a comprehensive offer, adapting to each of their specific needs.